The Words That Fly Between Us by Sarah Carroll

Lucy’s father is a successful lawyer making a killing on the property market. She and her mother want for nothing. Nothing, that is, that can be bought. But money cannot buy Lucy the words she needs. The words to stand up to her bully of a father. The words to inspire her mother to do something about the family life that is suffocating them both. The words to become the person she wants to be.

Then Lucy finds something else: An escape route…

Soon she discovers that every building on her row is connected, through the attic, to the next. As she explores the inner lives of those who live on her street, Lucy realises that she is not the only one to suffer in silence. She also sees ways she can help some, and ways to punish those that deserve it.

But as the mighty fall, Lucy is forced to realise that while she can affect the lives of others from the safety of the attic, she will need to climb down to face her own fears.

How did I get the book?
Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Contemporary

Review: While Lucy’s escape route into the attic and the conundrum of her hiding next-door neighbour are set up as the mysteries of this book, neither is what made the story magical for me. Instead it was the Lucy herself.

The Words That Fly Between Us is quiet and tense. Sarah Carroll conveys Lucy’s environment excellently. Within the first few pages I was on edge. My concern for Lucy grew from there. With each new incident my heart broke a little more.

I also enjoyed how the author used Lucy’s love for art to express Lucy’s emotions. There are several moments that stand out but the most impressive one is towards the end as Lucy’s loses herself in drawing a picture over many pages she sticks together. The writing describes Lucy’s art so that the reader can almost see her draw. I appreciated this a lot.

Sarah Carroll’s debut is a captivating and emotional read.

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