Instagram Update: ALL WE COULD HAVE BEEN by T.E. Carter • published 2nd May by @simonkids_UK @simonkidsuk @hashtagreads “180 days. That’s how long Lexi needs to survive at her new school. Every year, she starts somewhere else under a new name, hiding in plain sight for as long as she can manage. Her record is 134, but it’s senior year now and if she can make it till June, she can disappear into the real world. Maybe a big city, where no one recognizes her and no one knows about her brother and what he did.” #bookpost #bookbloggers #allwecouldhavebeen #tecarter #yafiction #bookblogger #books #istopsomewhere #yafictionlover #contemporaryfiction #freebie

Instagram Update: Runaway Robot by @FrankCottrell_B #FrankCottrellBoyce • Published by @macmillankidsbooks @macmillankidsuk in May “Alfie is off school after an accident in which he lost both his hand and his confidence. He’s lonely all day on his own. So when he comes across Eric, a one-legged robot in need of a friend, he brings him home with him. But a ban on humanoid robots has just been passed, which means Alfie is breaking the law by sheltering Eric. Can he keep his new friend safe – and himself out of trouble?” #friendship #fiction #bookpost #books #freebie #bookblogger #ukauthor

Instagram Update: Super happy that the #Chinglishbook has arrived! • Published by @andersenpress September 2019 “It is difficult trying to talk in our family cos:  a) Grandparents don’t speak English at all  b) Mum hardly speaks any English  c) Me, Bonny and Simon hardly speak Chinese  d) Dad speaks Chinese and good English – but doesn’t like talking  In other words, we all have to cobble together tiny bits of English and Chinese into a rubbish new language I call ‘Chinglish’. It is very awkward. Jo Kwan is a teenager growing up in 1980s Coventry with her annoying little sister, too-cool older brother, a series of very unlucky pets and utterly bonkers parents. But unlike the other kids at her new school or her posh cousins, Jo lives above her parents’ Chinese takeaway. And things can be tough – whether it’s unruly customers or the snotty popular girls who bully Jo for being different. Even when she does find a BFF who actually likes Jo for herself, she still has to contend with her erratic dad’s behaviour. All Jo dreams of is breaking free and forging a career as an artist. Told in diary entries and doodles, Jo’s brilliantly funny observations about life, family and char siu make for a searingly honest portrayal of life on the other side of the takeaway counter.” #SueCheung #yafiction #yafictionlover #bookpost #bookblogger #freebie #books📚 #contemporaryfiction #weneeddiversebooks #ownvoices