How I came up with Fergus the Furball: Guest Post by Emily Snape

When Daniel’s parents go to Scotland instead of celebrating his tenth birthday, he’s not impressed. What’s more, they’ve left his dipsy aunt Tink in charge, and given him a plant as his present…instead of the pet he’d begged for!

So can you really blame him for wishing he had a guinea pig, instead of his stupid show-off brother? Or for the fact that his wish actually came true…

But with nutty bullies, crazy chefs and mad scientists about, the race is on for Daniel to somehow undo the magic before his parents find out…(and save his brother of course. Even if he is eating his own poo!).

Written & Illustrated by Emily Snape

Published: 27 th February 2020
Ransom Publishing | RRP £7.99
The first in a new series, FERGUS THE FURBALL

How I came up with Fergus the Furball:
Guest Post by Emily Snape

I love stories that mix real life with a twist of fantasy and magic, allowing the writer, and reader, to throw everyday emotions and events up in the air and consider at them from another angle. 
I have two sons close in age that often bicker, so when I decided to write a book for 7-11 year olds, I wanted to explore and address sibling rivalry but with humour and the unexpected happening. 
I found as soon as I’d come up the idea of Fergus accidentally being turned into a guinea pig by his older brother, Daniel, the silly and sometimes dangerous scenarios came to me easily and I sat on the stairs one afternoon and scribbled out the entire synopsis!
Of course I then had to refine and develop the ideas, and I kept getting side tracked with other projects, but the idea of the story was there and kept bubbling up in my imagination whenever it had a chance. About a year later, I decided to not take on any other commissions, and just focus on writing Fergus the Furball and I’m so glad I did! 

Emily is a children’s author and illustrator. After graduating from both from Central Saint Martins, Bristol, and Kingston university, Emily began freelancing as an illustrator and storyboard artist.

Emily has been hugely successful in her field, and her work has appeared in books, magazines, on television, on the web and in advertising campaigns internationally. She has written seven books, and Fergus the Furball is the first in a new series collaboration with Ransom Publishing. Emily lives in London with her partner and three children.

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