Instagram Update: Fergus the Furball by #EmilySnape • Published by @ransompublishing “When Daniel’s parents scoot off to Scotland instead of celebrating his tenth birthday, leave his dipsy aunt in charge and give him a plant as his present (not the PET he’d pleaded for), can you really blame him for wishing he had a guinea pig instead of a brother? Now Daniel must somehow undo the magic before his parents find out, whilst also managing to defeat bullies, escape nutty chefs, make new friends and ultimately learn how much he truly does love his younger brother (even if he now eats his own poo).” #bookpost #bookblogger #childrensbooks #childrensfiction #freebie #booksofinstagram

Instagram Update: The Bigwoof Conspiracy by Dashe Roberts #StickyPines • Published by @nosycrow @nosycrowbooks “When twelve-year-old, UFO-obsessed, Lucy Sladan sneaks out in the middle of a thunderstorm to investigate the unexplained disappearances in her hometown of Sticky Pines, she finds more than she bargained for: a huge hairy creature, a thirteen-year-old stranger named Milo Fisher and a deep-rooted secret. Together, Lucy and Milo become entwined in a mystery that threatens to engulf the whole town of Sticky Pines and its weird and wonderful residents. Sticky Pines.” #bookpost #bookblogger #mgfiction #books #freebie #childrensbooks #childrensfiction #mystery