Stories From The Edge #BlogTour with Sara Grant

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Big Questions, Short Stories
Guest Post by Sara Grant

Short stories can pack a powerful punch. In our new anthology – Stories from The Edge, my fellow authors and I have posed big questions about serious issues, including terrorism, online grooming, doping, racism and bisexuality.

My story ‘Nightlight’ was inspired, in part, by the famous quote from Edmund Burke, ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.’ I wanted to explore those moments when we are faced with the choice to either stand up for what is right or look the other away. We’d like to believe that we would speak out against injustice, but when push comes to shove and doing the ‘right thing’ could have bad consequences, would you stand by instead of step in?

Unfortunately there are too many examples in the news of just this type of dilemma. In the last few weeks we’ve seen police shot in Dallas, Texas, and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and families run down in Nice, France. I’m sickened by these tragedies, but alongside the headlines of terrorist acts are the heroic stories of everyday men and women who in the face of danger reach out to help their fellow man.

Stories from The Edge is the first collection from eight writers who make up ‘The Edge’, a group of award-winning, UK-based, authors writing sharp fiction for teens. We hope that these short stories will give readers the opportunity to explore big questions using the safe space of fiction. Maybe my tale of racism in 1968 can inspire a discussion of standing up to today’s bullies – be they in a classroom or on the streets of Dallas, Baton Rouge or Nice. [Free, downloadable ‘Discussion Guides’ on each story are available at:]

The stories were created with an important issue in mind, but our aim was also to write compelling, page-turners – perfect for summer reading!


Anthology coverAbout The Edge

Eight, award-winning, UK-based authors joined forces five years ago to form The Edge.

Individually they have written more than 50 books published in 20 countries and have worked together writing a blog and running events across the country.



Sara Grant_2016Sara Grant has worked on both sides of the editorial desk. She has inspired and edited nearly 100 books for children. Recently the first book in Chasing Danger – her new action-adventure series for tweens – was published by Scholastic. Her two YA novels – Dark Parties (SCBWI Crystal Kite Award winner, Europe) and Half Lives – are futuristic thrillers.
She also writes a funny magical series for young readers – Magic Trix. She leads writing workshops in the US, UK and Europe as part of Book Bound and lectures at Goldsmiths.

Twitter: @authorsaragrant



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