The Hollow Boy (Lockwood & Co. #3) by Jonathan Stroud

How did I get the book? I bought it

Genre: Paranormal

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The Whispering Skull (Lockwood & Co. #2)
The Dagger in the Desk (Lockwood & Co Novella)


Synopsis: Lockwood & Co. might be the smallest (some might say shambollic) Psychic Detection Agency in London. But its three agents – Lockwood, Lucy and George – are exceptional Talents. And they get results. When an outbreak of ghostly phenomena grows to terrifying levels in Chelsea, Scotland Yard is left baffled.

Even more baffling is that Lockwood & Co appear to have been excluded from the huge team of Agents investigating the Chelsea Outbreak. Surely this is the perfect chance for them to show once and for all that they’re actually the best in town? Well, that’s if they can put aside their personal differences for long enough to march into action with their rapiers, salt and iron…

Review: It’s the third instalment of the Lockwood & Co series and at this point I think I can say (frantically touches all the wood around her) Jonathan Stroud is secure. This series is safe. Readers you are ok. No panicking needed. I promise all that you love about Lucy, Lockwood and George is not going to go wrong.
I mean other than the way Lockwood & Co cases usually go wrong but the book is good.

So breathe.
That’s better right?

Seriously I had this mild *cough* ok not so mild panic about The Hollow Boy. I’ve adored this series so much so which mostly I was consumed with excitement there was also the ‘what if?’ Because that’s what you worry about when you care so much. What if this time it doesn’t live up to your expectations?

Rest assured – Lockwood & Co is still amazing. I have many feelings about the ending which I can’t talk about without some massive spoilers so when you’ve read the book, find me and we can talk about it. 😉

In The Hollow Boy the team has new members; there is the skull – which now comes on a quite a few missions. Lockwood and George can’t hear him so they only ever hear the one-sided arguments Lucy is having. I love the skull. He, while certainly not nice, actually is very spot on about a lot of things. And then there is… well I’ll let you discover that conflict for yourself. (Yes I’m mean.)

I thought that The Hollow Boy had great character growth for Lucy. Also George has some excellent moments. Lockwood is well Lockwood…

What I love so much about these books is that you have one big story but also individual cases, so you could in theory read a Lockwood & Co book in sections. Not that I’ve ever managed to. I continue to adore the world Jonathan Stroud has built, the writing and characters.

My one problem is that it’s always much too long until the next book.

Recommend it?

Sunshine Star

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