Flashes by Tim O’Rourke

085551f60a4e0e5fe999606551e9bd4aHow did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Mystery

Synopsis: Charley has visions: flashes of things she can’t explain…
A girl in trouble. The sound of trains in her head. She feels certain they are clues to a crime. But no one will believe her. Until she meets Tom, a young policeman on his first case: an accidental death on railway tracks, not far from where Charley lives. Their attraction is instant, but can they discover what has happened? Accident, suicide or murder: and will it happen again?

200words (or less) review: I liked Charley from the very beginning, she’s a strong character. Her flashes have meant years of online taunts and bullying and the book begins with the funeral of her only friend Natalie. Tom makes an equally good first impression.

The story narration between both characters which I liked. Sometimes I felt the style was a little abrupt but this worked to the books advantage at the end of the story (during the big reveal) by adding to the tension. Which brings me to the murder hunt, I thought I’d figured out the ‘who’ quite early on in the story and I was correct. This took some of the fun out of the mystery but I did still enjoyed reading about Charley and Tom.

I know this is a first in a series and I see so much potential that I do really want to read the next book, particularly because I want to know what happens to Charley and Tom.

Flashes was intriguing and a good starting point for what I think sounds like a highly enjoyable series.

Recommend it?


Flashes by Tim O’Rourke is out now
£7.99, published by Chicken House


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