Splintered Locket Necklace

Ok, one of the unexpected things that happened prior to me flying to New York was finding out that I would get the chance to meet A G Howard at one of the NYC events. She has been so amazingly complimentary about the necklace designs I’ve made that I decided to create a special thank you. Which she posted on her Facebook page… and a log of people liked it a lot and asked about getting one.

You can. 🙂

Order your Splintered Locket Necklace here!

I am unable to recreate an exact match to the necklace A G Howard posted on her Faceback page, that design is very labour intensive and the supplies used would make it costly*. I have come up with what I hope is a good alternative. It’s simpler but I think still stunning and the locket & key charm remain unchanged, which I believe are the main focus of the design.

The necklace consist of a 18 inch ribbon/cotton necklace with the an antique Book Charm containing a 2 photo prints of a book cover from the Splintered series as well as matching beads & an antique key charm. All necklaces will be packed in a lovely jewelry pouch to keep it safe.

You can pick your own combination, for example Splintered & Ensnared cover or Unhinged & Splintered. Below are a few examples:

splinteredlocketdesign (1)

You also get to pick the colour of the necklace.
Green (Splintered) Purple (Unhinged) & Red (Ensnared)

The total cost is $35 (US Dollars) per necklace this includes the internal postage and packing. Approx. $10 is swallowed up in postage & packing.

I will throw in a set of matching earrings as a free gift to say thank you. 🙂

free gift

free gift

Copy the below ORDER FORM into an email and send it to lunaslittlelibrary (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject: “Splintered Locket Necklace Order”

I will confirm the order and send you details so you can send the PayPal payment. Once this has been received I will make the necklace and will confirm when it has been posted.



NECKLACE LOCKET (pick 2 covers)
Splintered YES / NO
Unhinged YES / NO
Ensnared YES / NO

Green / Purple / Red

Please include free gift earrings YES / NO
I will match these to the necklace design selected.


There are currently 10 necklaces available.

The first 10 orders will be completed & shipped within a week.  Once these are sold I will have the funds to buy the supplies needed to make more.

The UK exception

Orders from the UK are priced at £15, because the postage is so much cheaper. Also I will accept cheque payments as well as PayPal but the necklace won’t be dispatched until after the cheque has cleared.

If you have any further questions, please email me.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have PayPal?
Unless you’re a UK resident payments have to be made via PayPal. It’s a system I’ve used for years and I trust.

Can I just order the locket on its own?
Yes, please send me a separate email for that, the cost is $15 including postage. Please note that you won’t receive a jewellery pouch, beads or earrings with this order.

Why is the prize in US dollars?
Because most of the enquiries have come from the USA. PayPal will convert your local currency into dollars so you don’t have to work it out yourself.

I’m in Canada, do you ship there?
Yes, the shipping is international.

Do you do multiple orders?
For this please email me lunaslittlelibrary (at) gmail (dot) com

Can I have a different book cover in the necklace?
Yes, either use the enquiry form HERE or email me.

*starting at $60, so that seems a bit much.

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11 thoughts on “Splintered Locket Necklace

  1. A broke AMS is a sad AMS. 😦 How long are you running this for? I’d love to get one, but money isn’t even an option right now. Maybe by the end of the month???

  2. Reblogged this on Reckless Indulgence and commented:
    Though this technically isn’t about books, per se… it is about a book series I’m reading-loving-recklessly obsessing over (the Splintered series by A.G. Howard, anyone?)

    I figured, I’m broke right now. But that doesn’t mean I can’t put this here to remind myself (and inform anyone who doesn’t already know) about this awesome piece of fan-merchandise for the series.

    So go check it out, if you’re interested! 🙂

  3. Hi Luna, I was wondering if the items we order have a tracking number, because I like to keep track of my packages.
    You have an awesome blog, keep on posting,

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