Take a Chance on Me by Beth Garrod #BlogTour

Meg had a disastrous first kiss she would rather forget, but this is the summer she puts it behind her. This is the summer she has a perfect, swoony, just-like-in-the-movies kiss with a hot boy – and what better setting than the sun-drenched Greek island she’s holidaying on? But with three very different boys vying for her attention, this mission to reset her first kiss may be more complicated than she bargained for…

Best Ever Best Mates
by Beth Garrod

In Take A Chance on Me, Meg is having an amazing holiday – but wishes her best mate Anita wasn’t stuck back home alone in the UK. But if your best mate has been whisked away for the summer, here are some you can borrow while you wait for them to get back…

Otis and Eric – best friends don’t always get it right. But when whey they’re like these two in Netflix’s Sex Education you really hope they get it right in the end. Their friendship might not always go smoothly, but they have each other’s backs and had me holding out for them to make-up way more than any summer romance.

Fleabag and Claire – can siblings be best friends? Course they can – it’s just sometimes they mix it up with being pure evil too. That’s what makes it so fun. And it’s not like they can dump you – they’re genetically stuck with you for life. But just like Meg and her sister, Fleabag and Claire totally proved that when it’s the worst of times, sisters can be the very best of best mates. Even if one of you thinks they look like a pencil.

Tibby, Lena, Carmen and Bridget from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants by Ann Brashares proved that best mates don’t always come in twos. And even more importantly, that however different your lives are turning out, but you can still be there for each other. Even if you’re halfway around the world… and spent all your summer cash on global delivery for some trousers.

Cadey and Regina – ok, maybe they’re actually the worst-best-mates ever, but these Mean Girls brought us the best ever on-screen frenemies. And if you’re missing your best mate, a Mean Girls quote-along will never not be the right thing to do. You Go, Glenn Coco.

Cher, Dionne and Tai – the iconic trio in Clueless. In this adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, Cher is the one who think she has it sorted, but it’s her misguided attempts at friendship that end up making her a whole heap happier, and a better friend.


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