Dave Pigeon (Dave Pigeon #1) by Swapna Haddow (illustrator Sheena Dempsey)



Join Dave Pigeon and his sidekick Skipper on their quest to defeat the most evil cat in town.

There will be funny bits, scary bits and biscuity bits…





How did I get the book? I bought it

Review: Read this book at your own peril – you are not going to be trusting pigeons (and birds in general) again, particularly if you have biscuits in the house, because they will do anything to get at them.

According to Dave the pigeon these involve “epic plans” to secure those yummy treats. I’m more of the opinion these are amusing plans but I’m not a pigeon so maybe I don’t fully appreciate the nuances.

Dave Pigeon is a bird assured of his brilliance, Skipper is his friend who is typing the story and in my non-pigeon opinion the smarter of the two (but don’t tell Dave). Yes I realise that it sounds like I think these pigeons are real… they are very convincing pigeons.

I adored this book. It’s one of those fun reads you escape with for a short while. Between the story, art and ridiculousness of it all you’re just happy reading it.

Recommend it?


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