Daughters of Time – An anthology from The History Girls

20409955How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Synopsis: Look through fresh eyes at the stories of some of history s most remarkable women, in this inspiring collection of short stories by the finest female authors writing historical fiction for children today The History Girls.

Subjects include: Queen Boudicca, Aethelfled, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Julian of Norwich, Lady Jane Grey, Elizabeth Stuart, Aphra Behn, Mary Wollestonecraft, Mary Anning, Mary Seacole, Emily Davison, Amy Johnson and the Greenham Common women.

Authors: Penny Dolan, Adele Geras, Mary Hoffman, Dianne Hofmeyr, Marie-Louise Jensen, Catherine Johnson, Katherine Langrish, Joan Lennon, Sue Purkiss, Celia Rees, Katherine Roberts, Anne Rooney and Leslie Wilson

200words (or less) review: Daughters of Time is a collection of 13 stories about important women throughout history. Each story comes with a note from the author has to why they picked that particular lady and additional information about them.

As expected some stories were more interesting than others. A Night at the Theatre, Best After Storms, The Lad That Stands Before You and Return to Victoria were my favourites. They were also the ones where I’d never heard of the women in question.

A few of the authors I’ve read previously but most were new to me, so that gives me a lot of catching up to do.

As you would expect with an anthology not every story will be for you. Some I felt the narration didn’t work as well as it could, strangely it was the stories were I knew the women in question that I enjoyed the least.

Daughters of Time is really interesting, I learned a lot and there are quite a few women I want to know more about. This anthology is certainly an inspiring read.

Recommend it?


Daughters of Time Blog Tour will be here:
17 March 2014

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