Splintered by A.G. Howard

How did I get the book? Won from @ACKidsUK

Genre: Classics Retold

First Impression: I’ll admit it I jumped around like a mad thing when I got the email saying I’d won.

Synopsis: When her mother’s mental health takes a turn for the worse, Alyssa learns that what she thought was fiction is based in terrifying reality. The real Wonderland is a place far darker and more twisted than Lewis Carroll ever let on. There, Alyssa must pass a series of tests, including draining an ocean of Alice’s tears, waking the slumbering tea party, and subduing a vicious bandersnatch, to fix Alice’s mistakes and save her family. She must also decide whom to trust: Jeb, her gorgeous best friend and secret crush, or the sexy but suspicious Morpheus, her guide through Wonderland, who may have dark motives of his own.

200word review:  Splintered was the book I’d been pinning for months to read. I loved the idea (I adore all things Alice in Wonderland), the look, etc. So to say my expectations were high is an understatement.

On the whole Splintered is great; I really liked the re-creations of Wonderland. I thought the inhabitants held on to the original Wonderland magic but were unique to this story.  A.G. Howard has a very descriptive style, enabling you to picture what Alyssa experiences but without hindering your own imagination. When it came to Wonderland I had a Chessie grin on my face.

I had no patience for Jeb, he was there being overprotective in the “nice” way that seems to be the norm now. While his presence made sense at crucial moments in the story I liked him best when he was locked away.

Alyssa was at her best when she was in the element of Wonderland’s nonsensicalness and was pretty ace at the end of the book. She took a little long to get there for my liking.

When it comes to world-building Splintered is amazing and everything I wished for but I didn’t care as much about Alyssa as I hoped.

Recommend it?


One thought on “Splintered by A.G. Howard

  1. I just finished reading Splintered, and I couldn’t agree more! I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t a big fan of Jeb. Why is it that so many male love interests feel like they need to protect the female protagonists? Especially when the female protagonists are the ones with all the power!

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