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The UKYA Book Blogger Awards Winners

. Without further ado let us unveil the UKYA Book Blogger Awards winners: . . . 2nd Place – Queen of Contemporary 3rd Place – TeenBookHoots . 2nd Place – YAYeahYeah 3rd Place – The Dark Dictator . 2nd Place – Tales Of Yesterday 3rd Place – Hello I Am Miriam . 2nd Place – … Continue reading

Book Blogger UKYA Awards – GET VOTING

VERY exciting news! It is the shortlist of the Book Blogger UKYA Awards! This is the time for YOU to vote for your favourite from the list! Voting is open until 21st September. Make sure you don’t miss out! The voting will be a little different from the nominations. On this blog you will be … Continue reading

Book Blogger UKYA Awards are OPEN!

Today I am happy to announce that *drumroll* the Book Blogger UKYA Award Nominations are open! Use the form below to nominate the books and authors that you love! You can nominate up to three books and authors per category – choose wisely! Nominations will stay open until 24th August. (That’s two weeks!) Then the … Continue reading