Q & A

What’s a Sunshine Star?
I have a favorite book; Sunshine by Robin McKinley It might not be the greatest book ever written but it is one that I love and will read numerous times a year.
So if I really love a book it gets a Sunshine Star.

Why don’t you accept eBooks?
Due to my chronic daily headaches/migraines I find reading books on screen a struggle, they tend to trigger headaches. Also I prefer physical books. On occasion I will read eBooks but these are very rare exceptions.

Why post negative reviews?
If I only posted good reviews I don’t feel it’s a true reflection on my reading experience because there are books that I don’t like. My reviews will never be about the authors but only the books and why they didn’t work for me. Everyone has different tastes, so just because I didn’t connect with a book doesn’t mean you won’t.

Have a question?
Email me; lunaslittlelibrary (at) gmail (dot) come


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