A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars Blog Tour

A Jigsaw of Fire and Stars Blog Tour

A powerful, haunting, contemporary debut that steps seamlessly from the horrors of people-trafficking to the magic of African folklore, by an award-winning Ghanaian-British filmmaker. Sante was a baby when she was washed ashore in a sea-chest laden with treasure. It seems she is the sole survivor of the tragic sinking of a ship carrying migrants … Continue reading

Interview with Kate Milner

Interview with Kate Milner

A young boy discusses the journey he is about to make with his mother. They will leave their town, she explains, and it will be sad but also a little bit exciting. They will have to say goodbye to friends and loved ones, and that will be difficult. They will have to walk and walk … Continue reading

Interview with Holly Smale –  Forever Geek Blog Tour

Interview with Holly Smale – Forever Geek Blog Tour

Holly Smale is a British internationally bestselling author. She wanted to write from the age of five, when she realised that books didn’t grow on trees like apples.  Her journey took her to over thirty-two countries, and included: modelling, journalism, teaching English in Japan, cocktail waitressing, PR and packing courgettes in Australia. Holly has a BA in … Continue reading

Interview with Manuela Salvi #DiversityMonth

Manuela Salvi is the author of over 20 books for children and young people in Italy and after the original version of Girl Detached and her picture
book Nei Panni di Zaff were banned in Italy due to ‘strong’ and ‘gay’ content, she determined to study censorship and self-censorship in children’s and young adult fiction. She … Continue reading

Interview with Alex Nye #UKYACX

Alex Nye is an award-winning children’s author. She grew up in Norfolk by the sea, but has lived in Scotland since 1995 where she finds much of her inspiration in Scottish history. At the age of 16 she won the W H Smith Young Writers’ Award out of 33,000 entrants, and has been writing ever … Continue reading