Luna’s Manga Reviews #21


Thank you to the Kodansha and Netgalley for the review copies.

Medaka Kuroiwa is Impervious to My Charms, Vol. 1 by Ran Kuze

60554848Mona is the cutest girl in school, and she knows it. In fact, she’s worked hard to make her high school debut succcessful. Buf no matter what she does, she can’t seem to catch the eye of stone-cold stoic Medaka Kuroiwa—but she’s not about to give up that easy. Medaka, on the other hand, has been raised at a temple and was told to never become close to women. Who will win in this heated battle of wills?

Review: Mona is beautiful, kind and sexy. She is queen bee at her school and everyone loves her. Except the new guy who is not swooning at her charms. This makes Mona go into overdrive to try and win him over.

The premise is silly but small things, like a throwaway comment from Mona saying she’s nice “on the surface” show more self-awareness of the characters and plot. The fan service isn’t for me but it is build into Mona’s failing attempts at seduction so it does work (as much as fan service can) with the plot.

I do want to read the next instalment to see how this progresses.

Sakura’s Dedication, Vol. 1 by Fuyu Yukimiya

60474443Sawa just got out of a relationship with her cheating boyfriend, and is on the lookout for an honest guy. But when her classmate Sakura confesses, she rejects him, as he’s not her type. But then he confesses again, and again, and again?! What’s a girl to do in the face of such honest dedication?

Review: I’m conflicted, visually this is beautiful and certainly full of “cute”, but I’m not sure what the story is. The plot is presented in chapter 1 and each chapter is the same. Hopefully the next volume has more story to help.

It is a sweet and pleasant read, just not a lot of content.

Having An Idol-Loving Boyfriend is the Best!, Vol. 1 by Mito Aoi


Akari Tachibana, and her coworker, Onda-san, are more than just friends… they’re both hardcore idol fans! But when Onda-san confesses to Akari out of the blue, she’s floored. Of course it would be great to date someone with whom she shares so many interests, but can she navigate this new dimension to their relationship?

Review: At first, I stopped and then returned to Having An Idol-Loving Boyfriend is the Best! a few days later, re-reading the first chapter. There isn’t anything wrong as such, but the first chapter just didn’t click with me. I did enjoy Having An Idol-Loving Boyfriend more after the first half of the book.

Tachibana and Onda are rather cute. I like how they are ‘obsessed’ but kind and respectful to their idols. I’ve come across other fandom characters and they have been a lot. This story is much more balanced and, to me, more realistic.

Piano Duo for the Left Hand, Vol. 1 by Kenta Matsuoka

60550428Shu’s had a rough start to life, and doesn’t think he has much of a future—until fate brings him together with talented young pianist and fellow student Akari Yuzuki, the girl with the “Angelic Left Hand” for one high-flying adventure. But when tragedy cuts their relationship short, Shu realizes he must find a way to live for them both…and realizes that something is no longer quite right with his own left hand…

Review: Well now, Piano Duo for the Left Hand did not go down the path I expected. At all, at one point I was actually thinking “huh, what?” while reading. That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy this first instalment. To be honest I’m not quite sure what I think of it.

On the one hand I thought the characters and story are set up well at the start and the strong left(handed) turn this takes is interesting. It’s also bonkers. Once you get passed that Piano Duo for the Left Hand enters a more familiar route of a character being driven to achieve a goal and the rivals and hurdles that come with it.

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