A Man and His Cat by Umi Sakurai

50599886A kitten languishes in a pet shop, unwanted and unloved. Even as his price drops with each passing day, no one spares him a glance unless it’s to call him names. Having practically given up on life, the kitty himself is most shocked of all when an older gentleman comes into the store and wants to take him home! Will the man and the cat find what they’re looking for..in each other?


Review of Vol 1-4. No spoilers: I bought the first 3 books on an outing with the cat rescue we support, I promptly pre-ordered the next two volumes and pretty much read volume 4 as soon as it arrived.

This series is beautiful, in art, style, characters and storytelling. It is a straightforward premise. An older gentleman buys a cat from the pet store that has been there for 1 year and left behind. What follows is a cute pure heartfelt emotional story of a man and his cat. His grieving for his wife, anxiety, making new friends, etc.

A Man and His Cat is exactly as the title suggests but it’s also so much more. I don’t think I’ve ever loved a series so wholeheartedly so instantly.

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