Sleeping Beauty by Karina


Oxana, a young dancer from the turn of the 19th century, is the victim of a terrible curse that plunges her into a deep sleep. She awakens a hundred years later with no memory of the past in a time that is not her own. Why has she lost her memory? What power does her strange medallion hold? What are the intentions of the mysterious man in white who comes to her assistance?

This is a review for all 3 volumes of Sleeping Beauty.
Thank you, Europe Comics, for the review copies.

I’ve seen Sleeping Beauty as a ballet a few times and I was intrigued as to what this retelling would be.

The first volume is probably the strongest, setting up the beginnings of the curse and the intrigue throughout the ballet academy. The scope of the curse seems to be bigger than the time taken within the 3 instalments of the comic, not always delivering on story when you can see how much further this could have gone. As reader you must accept things as “just as” in order progress. Leonide and Aria instantly believe Oxana when they find her, they support her financially, find her a home, get her into the school. None of this is difficult.

If you are able to look beyond the gaps, then Sleeping Beauty is nice enough to read. While Oxana doesn’t have a lot of character development beyond her key points of ‘the sleeping beauty’ she is a sympathetic character. This comic sticks to the key elements of villain, hero and love and throws in some friendship and ballet on top.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but then I adore ballet and fairtytales for this comic just called to me.

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Sleeping Beauty is out now!

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