Monster Delights by Sylvain Dos Santos, Mariam Hachmi, David Raphet (illustrator)

54901577._SX318_Chris is a young pastry apprentice who, one fateful night, sees his delicious creations magically disappear. He decides to get hold of the thief, who happens to be a peculiar sort of squirrel. Chris doesn’t know that the chase will lead to a fantastic adventure! The restaurant’s fridge is the gateway to the magical world of Fridgebottom, a country populated by myths and legends.

In this new universe Chris makes the acquaintance of Hannah, a young elf who runs the Monster Delight pastry shop, and who isn’t so great at making pastry! Luckily for Hannah, Chris has a knack for inventing the perfect sweet delight for every palette.

This is a review for book 1 and book 2 of Monster Delight.
Thank you, Europe Comics, for the review copies.

This is a sweet and colourful series that is easy to read and full of imaginative characters. Elves, Ogres and Dragons just to name a few. Chris ends up in Fridgebottom by following a squirrel (as you do) that was sneaking pastries from the restaurant he was working in.

Once he’s arrived circumstances have him teaming up with Hannah to help her win a baking competition. After this he decides to stay, and the second book follows further adventures involving magical friends and desserts.

I like that the recipes are included in the comic. I’ve not tried any, but they look easy enough to follow which makes them even more tempting.

While it doesn’t take long to read, I enjoyed both books and am looking forward to the next. The characters a likeable and the worldbuilding is fun. The artwork is vibrant, and I like the style. Monster Delight is a fun read in the best sense of the word.

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Monster Delights 2. A Heart of Gold is out now!

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