Goosebumps: Secrets of the Swamp by Marieke Nijkamp & Yasmin Florez Montanez (Illustrator)


Goosebumps: Secrets of the Swamp by Marieke Nijkamp
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I had a lot of fun reading this. Now I have very limited experience with Goosebumps as a whole so I’m not really able to compare it to the franchise but as a spooky comic for the target audience I think this has got to be a winner.

Let’s start with the art, it’s vibrant and engaging. Plus, every character gave me serious hair envy, like every character. So much brilliant hair…. So jealous.

Storywise I think this really works at being mysterious, spooky but also really having a good “heart”. It could have been cheesy, but it really didn’t read like that, instead it was fun, with some good chapter cliff-hangers and a teasing ending plus some meaningful character growth.
If all Goosebumps comics are like Secrets of the Swamp, then I will certainly be picking up more.

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