The Girl and the Mountain by Mark Lawrence

The Girl and the Mountain (Book of the Ice, #2)The Girl and the Mountain by Mark Lawrence
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Having received an advanced ARC edition I’m very pleased to give my review of this fantastic second part in the series.

As always, I keep my reviews spoiler free, but rest assured – It does not stop me from recommending!

The story is a direct continuation of the Yaz and her companion’s story – directly following on from the first book and flowing smoothly into it’s own realm.

There’s a really good rhythm and flow to the book which carves it’s own niche – The protagonists rarely have all the facts, they just want to go home but they are constantly assailed by events and things that have no basis for comprehension – a bit part of the worldbuilding and historical setting for it depends on this. This of course leads to a much grander quest which – for the fans of Mark’s series in general; adds a wealth of linking story and allusions to other series.

It took me a few days to find time to sit down to enjoy, but once I did, I merrily got through it in one long session – I just couldn’t find a stopping point which didn’t immediately leave me wanting to pick it up again!

I can’t stress enough – give this a whirl! To be fair, if you already read Mark’s books, you know already! If you haven’t – Do so! There is a wealthy of character and world building and it’s genuinely great as we see more and more details which are VERY slowly linking all the series.

Mark says you can read any of his trilogies and picking up other parts, for example – The Red Queen’s War instead of Impossible Times is fine as none of them are required reading.

That said, as a fan, his books ARE required reading and I would advise the series in this order:

Impossible Times
The Broken Empire
The Red Queens War
Book of the Ancestor
Book of the Ice

I would also add that outside of Mark’s grand design for linking them (which he claims he isn’t)
The Broken Empire should always be read before The Red Queens War and the Book of the Ancestor should always be read before Book of the ice.

I really hope that you also enjoy this book!

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Review by: @Angelhearte 

US publication: April 13th 2021 by Ace Books

UK publication: April 29th 2021 by HarperVoyager

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