Gallowglass by S J Morden #BlogTour

In the midst of a massive climate crisis, the space race has come back to life, with corporations offering massive rewards for anyone who will go out into the black to claim resources in their name. Jack is desperate to escape earth and joins a team chasing down an asteroid… but he doesn’t realize that everyone on the ship is just as desperate as him, if not more so. And they’ll do anything to get to the steroid first–and make sure they get a bigger share.

“One Way is what would happen if the crime and sci-fi genres got together and had a baby. Deeply
immersive, chilling and atmospheric enough that you will believe yourself under a cold Martian sky. An
utterly fabulous book!” – Emma Kavanagh, bestselling author of FALLING and HIDDEN

“A rip-roaring thriller of a book that hits the ground running and doesn't stop until the final chapter [ONE WAY]” – John Marrs, author of the bestselling/Radio 2 Book Club choice THE ONE

Review by @Angelhearte

Many thanks to Gollancz for giving me the opportunity to read, digest and review this delightful pickup and read in one sitting sci-fi adventure!

I keep my blog-tour reviews spoiler free and as such, will review based on the pacing, plot form and overall feel.

There’s much positive in Gallow Glass – Each chapter is prefixed by a specific notation building towards the 2069 “flux” which works to build an Earth which is more or less left alone in the core plot. This serves to give you context for the structure of what’s happening in the background and the motivations of various characters without belabouring a point.

Jaap “Jack” Van Der Veerden Is a young man with much privilege. He’s intelligent, fit and in a world full of extreme poverty and misery, his family are one of the 1%. His parents are overbearing in their regard for his safety and welfare and this pushes him to want to flee and get as far away from Earth and their reach as possible.

This leads to a diverting read, his escape, time looking for work and then the mining ship and it’s interesting to see Jack grow from a young, naïve rich boy to a world-wary hardened astronaut.

The range of characters he meets are interesting and provide a strong background for his growth and character development, leading him to be a stronger, more responsible person.

The book is pretty much 3 core arcs – The escape from Earth, The mining Adventure and What comes next. I’ve left the last part deliberately ambiguous as spoilers! The overall arc of growth and personal responsibility is a delight and left me wanting more when I had finished.

This is a sci-fi universe I can get along with, I’m new to S. J. Morden, but I find myself wanting more.

About the Author:

Dr S. J. Morden has won the Philip K. Dick Award and been a judge on the Arthur C. Clarke Award. He is a
bona fide rocket scientist with degrees in Geology and Planetary Geophysics. His previous novel, ONE WAY
is the perfect fusion of his incredible breadth of knowledge and ability to write award-winning, razor-sharp
science fiction.

Gallowglass is out now!


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