Second in the AGE OF MADNESS trilogy, THE TROUBLE WITH PEACE is the next instalment of a series which is revolutionising fantasy…

Savine dan Glokta, once Adua’s most powerful investor, finds her judgement, fortune and reputation in tatters. But she still has all her ambitions, and no scruple will be permitted to stand in her way.

For heroes like Leo dan Brock and Stour Nightfall, only happy with swords drawn, peace is an ordeal to end as soon as possible.  But grievances must be nursed, power seized and allies gathered first, while Rikke must master the power of the Long Eye . . . before it kills her.

Unrest worms into every layer of society. The Breakers still lurk in the shadows, plotting to free the common man from his shackles, while noblemen bicker for their own advantage. Orso struggles to find a safe path through the maze of knives that is politics, only for his enemies, and his debts, to multiply.

Review: Joe Abercrombie is a successive heavy hitter for me and it was with great delight that I received this sequel to A little hatred. I found book 1 to be a 5* for me and was eagerly awaiting this. From the context of book 2, I’m going to keep this spoiler free.

“Peace is just another kind of battlefield”

Leo dan Brock has “settled” the north, Savine has seen huge financial losses after funding Orso’s military campaign and Orso is finding that being King feels like being as useless as he actually believes himself to be. Meanwhile, Rikke is tortured by her visions and Vick is off to her next mission on behalf of the inquisition.

Our new and reliably unreliable heroes take centre stage, each with their own lack of scruples, political maneuvering and bludgeoning as they carry the torch from the older “heroes” from previous books.

Abercrombie blends intrigue, dark humour and violence like a legend, characters are nuanced, self-aware and positively driven by their own selfish agenda – a delightfully dark look at where having power gets you. The internal monologue of the Union being broken and corrupt is finally reaping consequences and there really are no heroes.

I was absolutely thrilled with how it ended – The pacing and multiple character plot lines worked well and i’m really looking forward to seeing how this arc ends.

“you gotta be realistic”

Read this. 5*

Review by: @Angelhearte 

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