A Pinch of Magic by Michelle Harrison | Narrated by Nicky Diss

Three sisters trapped by an ancient curse.
Three magical objects with the power to change their fate.
Will they be enough to break the curse?
Or will they lead the sisters even deeper into danger? …

How did I get the book? Audiobook from Netgalley, have my own copy of book

Genre: Adventure / Fantasy

Previously Reviewed: Unrest

Review: Another lovely Netgalley audiobook, and another narration by Nicky Diss who is fast becoming one of my favourite audiobook narrators. I think she adds a touch of magic to the books she read.

Now for A Pinch of Magic itself. At this point I am unsure of how the sisters story continues as this story had a set ending (I did briefly look up the next book and it looks like it’s a new adventure entirely). I actually liked this because some trilogies leave such open endings that you feel cheated. A Pinch of Magic is a complete tale.

The history of the curse and the way this is narrated within the book are some of my favourite pats of the book. Overall, the story ebbed back and forth a bit. The beginning and the revelation of the curse were enticing but I’m not a big fan of using the solution that was found at the end of the book. I don’t want any spoilers but it’s a ‘once you open that door…’ it’s a complicated and can get messy. Michelle Harrison did resolve this escalating but I’m not sure if it’ll be revisited in the next book.

A Pinch of Magic has more than a pinch of it within its pages. The premise is good and there are some real highlights, both for unravelling the mystery and adventures.

Review by: Luna

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