Far From Perfect (The Valentines #2) by Holly Smale – Read an Extract!

Be yourself but, you know, someone else….

Enthusiastic but not desperate; calm but not dull; funny but not try-hard; sparky but not crazy; feisty but not aggressive; beautiful but relatable; elegant but not icy; confident but not arrogant; feminine but not girly; nice but not boring. Faith Valentine has it all – fame, money and extraordinary beauty. But what she wants more than anything is a quiet life away from the cameras. Except nobody ever asks Faith what she wants, and her family’s expectations are crushing her. The world thinks she’s perfect, but is there is more to perfection than meets the eye?

Title: Far From Perfect (The Valentines #2)
Author: Holly Smale
Genre: YA
Publication Date: 23 rd July 2020
Page Count: 448
Publisher: Harper Collins Childrens
Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/51236702-far-from-perfect
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Far-Perfect-hilarious-genre-defining-Valentines/dp/0008254176/

EXTRACT from Far From Perfect (The Valentines #2)

I know I’m incredibly lucky to be born into an extraordinary life of opportunities and fortune. But the world is not my oyster. And right now it’s me that’s being prised open; me having the pearl ripped out and sold without my permission, over and over again. Look what we found! Do we like it? How much can we get for it? Was it worth it? Should we keep searching for a new one? Everybody, look!
Maybe the oyster wanted to stay shut. Maybe it just wanted to keep its secret treasure to itself and for everybody to leave it the hell alone.

Happy Girl Lucky
– Q&A with Holly Smale #TheValentines

Author Information
Holly Smale is the author of the number-one, global bestselling, highly acclaimed GEEK GIRL series which has sold over three million copies in thirty languages. A former model and tenacious globe trotter Holly is no stranger to empowering girls with her dynamic and relatable characters. She has a degree in English Literature and an MA in Shakespeare and
Feminism from Bristol University.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/holsmale
Instagram: http://instagram.com/holsmale

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