The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley #BlogTour

The Bradley family are constantly escaping from a centuries old curse which means that every home they ever live in is destroyed by a typhoon or flash flood that affects no other houses on the street, or they are chased  out of town by a flock of persistent birds. They have just moved to their thirteenth house and Noah wants this one to work out – he’s got some good friends at school and desperately wants himself and his deaf brother Billy to put down roots. But the curse returns – so he must find a way to break it.

Learn about a curse from history / fiction with Amber:

 The curse of the Bambino (Boston Red Sox)

If you’re a sporting fan you know how superstitious players can be. Some kiss St Christopher medals for luck. Some have to wear their lucky pants. Some have to listen to a special song before a big performance. So it’s not too surprising that fans create their own myths and superstitions too. The near century of bad luck, and failure for the Red Sox to win the World Series was put down to selling their star player Babe Ruth (the Bambino) at the height of their success. As soon as Babe Ruth left the team’s misfortunes started. The lesson here? Don’t sell your star player. Oh, and always wear your lucky underwear.

AMBER LEE DODD grew up in Portsmouth, where she rode the waltzers, swam in the winter sea and lost her wellies in the marshes. Her plays have been performed at Chichester Festival Theatre, the New Theatre Royal and the Edinburgh Fringe. She has worked as a Learning Support Worker in schools with disabled students, and is passionate about incorporating disability representation in her books for children.

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