Five Favorite Things About My Protagonist by Kittie Lambton #TheCellistsNotebook

The Cellist’s Notebook is a charming, life-affirming tale of discovery surrounding an old family mystery. A young girl’s curiosity, her love of a little melody and the beauty of a cello evokes memories long forgotten.

Set in the present day, ten-year-old Emily Peters is spending the summer with her Nana Rose, a retired piano teacher, in rural Cumbria whilst Emily’s sister Lizzie travels to Paris for a French exchange.  When Emily notices an old photograph of a cellist dating back to the Second World War and discovers cellos and an old music manuscript in the attic, her Nana tells of the touching and compelling story of her brother Leni, a linguist, cellist and music composer, whose disappearance was marked ‘ultimate fate unknown’ following World War II.

Emily’s love of the unfinished cello melody, found in her Great Uncle Leni’s music notebook, evokes memories for her Nana Rose and Emily returns to Norfolk with a passion to play the cello and a determination to learn the long-lost melody. A series of events unfold that change the life of Emily and her family forever.

Information about the Book
Title: The Cellist’s Notebook
Author: Kittie Lambton
Release Date: 30th January 2020
Genre: YA
Page Count: 68
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
Goodreads Link:
Amazon Link:

Five Favorite Things About My Protagonist
Guest Post by Kittie Lambton

The Cumbrian House
Emily is an inquisitive young girl with a love and curiosity for all things.  She is self motivated to learn and loves to spend time at her Nana Rose’s old house in the countryside where she happily spends time reading and gardening, with music playing from the wide open windows in the summer or indeed resting in her bedroom daydreaming the day away! Organised and ever prepared, Emily loves the sound of the big old house and is innately intuitive to its beauty during the endless summer months. The wide open front door with its step to sit on looking out onto the distant road, is surrounded by the pungent smells from the herb garden and ripening apples from the fruit trees.

Emily loves cats and her Nana Rose’s cat is no exception! Babu is a gorgeous white cat who greets Emily at the far end of the paddock when she arrives for her summer holiday each year to rural Cumbria, and accompanies her about the garden, sitting with her whilst she reads her books under the big old oak tree at the top of the hill. Babu leads Emily about the house when she is deep in thought and always resumes his favourite seat beside the warm Aga when Nana Rose and Emily prepare supper and sit together chatting in the kitchen!

Emily loves music, not only from hearing the piano music played by her Nana, but for the love of a melody she hears her Nana play that she instantly falls in love with! The colour of music, and the way it can bring about a spontaneous dance, or evoke a distant memory is explored in this book.

Emily’s love of the cello begins a life-long love affair.  The four strings that can be individually plucked, from the thickest to the thinnest, with the beautifully ornate scroll and deep tone, enchant Emily and those close to her.  To understand how a cello can create such beautiful music, is to learn step by step how to play the instrument. With a determination to embrace the challenge, Emily sets her goal of being able to perform the melody she so loves to hear!

Emily’s Nana Rose
Nana Rose is an inspiration to Emily. Grandmother and her granddaughter delight in spending time together and when the hustle and bustle of visiting families falls away, and Emily is alone with her Nana Rose and Babu the cat, Emily loves to be around her Nana as well as meeting all the music students and visitors to Nana’s home! Their shared love of music connects them and as her Nana speaks of her brother Leni, who disappearance was marked, ‘ultimate fate unknown’ following World War Two, Emily’s love for her grandmother and close bond leads to the uncovering of an old family mystery.


Kittie Lambton was born in 1975 in Norfolk, England. She is a cellist, and has been providing music tuition for over fifteen years. She is an advocate for all children being able to learn musical instruments from a young age. Her early learning of the cello with her cello tutor in Norwich, Norfolk has created warm memories that inspired the writing of this book. Kittie enjoys exploring the science behind how music can evoke and improve memory and the importance of music in our everyday lives. She was recently awarded second place in the Westgate on Sea Literary Festival Short Story Competition 2019.


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