The Vatican Games by Alejandra Guibert

Vera is born on the day an apocalyptic revenge is unleashed, annihilating half of the world’s population.

Her birth marks the beginning of a new world order run by powerful gaming corporations.

A warless existence with no poverty has been secured, until this fine balance becomes once more under threat.

Vera is the female David to beat Goliath and prevent further devastation.

The future lies in her hands. It’s a game that she needs to win.

Title: The Vatican Games
Author: Alejandra Guibert
Release Date: 30th January 2020
Genre: YA
Page Count: 242
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing
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Amazon Link:

Five Favourite Things About My Main Protagonist
by Alejandra Guibert

My protagonist, Vera, has a few traits that I really like, but most importantly for me Vera is special because of the different stages she goes through in the story. She has a capacity to adapt to unfamiliar circumstances, however difficult or challenging they may be.

To start with, Vera is a survivor of a cataclysmic terrorist attack on the planet. Against all odds, Vera is born during a time when millions of others are dying. This event highlights Vera’s special gift as an enlightened being. As an infant, she is protected and nourished by the powers of the Moon. She will develop an amazing resilience that comes from her having been born on the day the apocalyptic revenge is unleashed and so from an early age Vera learns to live following her deep intuition. That said, she is not immune to making mistakes and many times doubts herself, though she is in touch with her inner strength by tapping easily into her spiritual core.

I also like the fact that while Vera is a highly evolved and spiritual person she has also a nerdy side, being an expert game developer. Even when she rejects the New World Order and their control on the natural world, she has been trained to service and abide by the new technological society, like the majority of the population. Vera is also highly independent and rebellious against the system. She is quite fearless and would not be deterred by any possible danger to her own life.

Ultimately, Vera is an inspiration, in her love of nature and her connection to the natural world, even when the New World Order has distanced the population from it, to shield it from human interaction and possible further destruction.

Author Information

Alejandra Guibert has been writing since a young age and graduated as a literary translator in Buenos Aires. Following graduation, she worked as a freelance translator, mainly for Spanish newspaper El País. Later she joined theatre company Arte Livre for an extensive European tour of three years with the play Olhares de Perfil (Sideways Glance) as co-writer. The play won a Special Fringe First Award in Edinburgh Festival in 1988 and took part in international theatre festivals throughout Europe.
She moved to London in 1989 and produced and directed several documentaries with First Take whilst dedicating time to her writing.
She has written for both theatre and film and her works include both prose and poetry.
In 1999, she specialized in subtitling and worked as a Latin American Spanish subtitler for more than ten years. She was a founder member and ex Chair of SUBTLE, The Subtitlers’ Association.

Since 2008, she has been working solely on her literary work. The speculative novel The Vatican Games is her fourth book of fiction and the first in English. She has been living and working in Brighton since 2009.


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