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Martin’s life as he knows it has turned upside-down, and he decides to embark on a trip to give sense to his existence. Via coincidences and fabricated non-coincidences, he finds a group of people that helps him enhance the power of his thoughts to modify the physical world around him.

In a journey within a journey, Martin discovers the powers of visualisation and its pull.

And he acknowledges why he’s flooded by negative feelings when he’s close to certain people.


Unless Martin finds the strength within himself to fight, he and everyone around him will cease to exist.

Title: The Red Book
Author: Davide Cortellucci
Release Date: 9th September 2019
Genre: Science-Fiction
Page Count: 245
Publisher: Self-Published
Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/49093882-the-red-book
Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/RED-BOOK-DAVIDE-CORTELLUCCI/dp/1087341744

Favourite Things about my protagonist(s)

Writing The Red Book was for me, one of the most exciting things I ever did in my life. I created a story based on my lifelong belief that the power of our thoughts and feelings can modify the world around us. I love all my characters, as I dislike the antagonists in my book. When I put my work down between drafts, I miss the characters as if they’re real people.


Martin, the main character, is a great young man, with substantial positive qualities and a little confused by the world – who isn’t? – He conveys the energy of the boy next door mixed with high strength and a good sense of curiosity; a quality that’s fundamental for evolving. Martin catapults himself from residential Clerkenwell in London to the rest of the world. In the story, he faces many horrible events that will change his life forever, but he knows that he needs to keep going and he’s always aware that that’s only possible by keeping a union with his loved ones, above all, Maria. Also, my favourite things about him are that he loves words that can’t be translated into other languages, and that he quickly learns how to use the power of his thoughts.


My favourite thing about Maria is her maturity, her sense of awareness and her gestalt. She recognises the genuine feelings Martin has for her straight away, and she also understands the role of support she has to her younger sister Cesca and, later in the story, to Martin.


One of my top three favourite characters in The Red Book is Chuck. This guy is honest, loyal, funny and full of life regardless of all the negative things that happened to him in life. He’s a constant ray of sunshine, and when I write Chuck’s lines, I find myself smiling.


Within The Red Book, we see a group of influential teaching figures, like Caesar. He is knowledge personified and a father figure. He understands what reality is better than most people, his mental powers are outstanding, and he has the qualities of a diplomat rooted within him. Caesar is a beacon to Martin and his friends.


She’s Caesar’s best friend, and like him, she’s extremely knowledgeable and powerful. She’s a mother figure with exceptional thought powers. She teaches Martin and Chuck one of the most important lessons; getting back up after falling.


This girl is the kickass sister some of us have, and some of us wish we had. She has awareness, sense of direction, irony and potency acquired by being in contact with people like Caesar and Violet.

Professor Cedric Conti.

Cedric Conti is the one that brings all sides together, a man of science, a good friend, and he’s not afraid to come face to face with the enemy by himself.

One last thing, I’d like to mention my dislike for the antagonists.

Mors and Rot

Mors and Rot are some of the worst people I can imagine. Writing these characters wasn’t easy. I started from the point of non-understanding. I don’t understand how some people feel pleasure in arming and hurting other people. I don’t understand the pleasure a bully has in inflicting pain to another person. Because of that, my non-favourite thing about them is the lack of empathy.


Davide Cortellucci is a writer and the author of The Red Book. He has spent the last few years working on an unnamed trilogy, friendly referred by him as Little Yellow Rubber Duck. The Red Book is the first book in the trilogy. He was born on the 25th of July 1978 in Belgium, to Italian immigrant parents. He grew up in Belgium, Italy, and in London, UK. Davide has done several jobs, from waiter to inventories, from sound engineering in shows to events manager, and many more. Davide is a college dropout with a couple of creative writing courses on his back. He has spent many years travelling around Europe, learning about cultures, and keeping an interest in the power of the mind. Davide loves writing stories that awaken the epic feeling within the reader. He now lives in South East London with his partner, he’s curious about life, and he also makes a great pasta sauce.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/D.CortellucciAuthor/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/d.cortellucci/

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