Peril en Pointe (Swan House Mystery) by Helen Lipscombe

Milly yearns to dance like her ballerina mum – but during the biggest performance of her life, she messes up and her mum disappears. Six months on, Milly receives an unexpected invitation to join the Swan House School of Ballet. Thrilled, Milly accepts, only to find that Swan House is no ordinary ballet school: it’s a ballet school for spies. Can her new skills help her discover the truth about her mother’s vanishing act

PERIL EN POINTE is Ballet Shoes meets Murder Most Unladylike with a fun, contemporary twist.

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How did I get the book? Received from Publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Adventure

Review: Peril en Pointe is book one in the new Swan House Mystery series and does a fine job of throwing you head first into adventure, characters and high-tech ballet inspired gadgetry. No seriously, some of the “ballet-tech” that Helen Lipscombe has imagined for this story would make Bond jealous.

Milly is the protagonist. She is a nice girl, despite the history intrigue of the first chapter. All the characters within Peril en Pointe tented to fit the initial first impression the reader has upon meeting them. This works to the books advantage given the story. The only downside is that except for Milly you really don’t get to know the other characters very much and at times the story feels a tad predictive.

As an introduction to a new serious I think there are a lot of good things about Helen Lipscombe debut. I definitely love that is has so much ballet influence and I’d be interested to see how the other characters grow. I would put this story as the younger to middle age of MG readership. I think that while the story has thrills and danger it isn’t too complex.

Reviewed by Luna

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