Instagram Update: As the weather outside storms I am even more thrilled by the arrival of @KatyBirchall @katybirchallauthor #TeenWitch which showed up with #hotchocolate ☕ • Publishes 5th September by @scholasticuk @scholastic_uk “Laugh-out-loud, fresh teen comedy with an on-trend witchy spin – Sabrina the Teenage Witch for a new generation! Morgan Charmley has spent her entire thirteen years on the planet attempting to prove she has control over her witch powers so that she’s allowed to attend a normal school. And the day has finally arrived! But will she be able to make friends and fit in with non-magical teenagers? Can she resist using her powers to make herself popular or turn her teachers into toads? Can she keep her spells a secret?” I adored #sabrinatheteenagewitch growing up so if this is even close it’s going to be awesome! 💫If you had magical powers what would you be using them for?💫 #whitehotchocolate #fantasy #yafiction #childrensbook #bookpost #freebie #booksofinstagram #books📚 #bookblogger #booklover #booksbooksbooks

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