One Word Kill (Impossible Times #1) by Mark Lawrence

In January 1986, fifteen-year-old boy-genius Nick Hayes discovers he’s dying. And it isn’t even the strangest thing to happen to him that week.

Nick and his Dungeons & Dragons-playing friends are used to living in their imaginations. But when a new girl, Mia, joins the group and reality becomes weirder than the fantasy world they visit in their weekly games, none of them are prepared for what comes next. A strange—yet curiously familiar—man is following Nick, with abilities that just shouldn’t exist. And this man bears a cryptic message: Mia’s in grave danger, though she doesn’t know it yet. She needs Nick’s help—now.

He finds himself in a race against time to unravel an impossible mystery and save the girl. And all that stands in his way is a probably terminal disease, a knife-wielding maniac and the laws of physics.

Challenge accepted.

How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Review: I’m a jumble of emotions after reading this, surprise, confusion and delight.

This is as far away from what I love about Mark’s books and yet at the same time, drew me in, enveloped me in a wonderful world of nostalgia and made it seem real.

One Word Kill.

So simple and yet morality rarely is.

Nick’s journey through this book, through desperation, an insanely dark version of the 80’s in terms of morality, romance and so much D&D and all the while – dealing with his crux; his weakpoint – He is dying is a mesmerising look at naivette and adolescent bravery which enthralled me.

It flowed quite well and despite being a little on the compact side for a typical fantasy novel, it was a pleasure to digest.

To go from the gritty Jorg or Nona to this is quite a jump, yet it works, You see Mark’s print on it and his personal touch. It’s a different journey but if you are a fan, give it time and you will enjoy!

Review by: @Angelhearte 

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