The Secret Dragon by Ed Clarke

When would-be palaeontologist Mari finds a tiny dragon while out fossil hunting on a Welsh beach, she knows it’s a discovery that could change science – and her life – forever.

Mari wants to make a scientific study of the baby reptile that will astound the world. But this dragon doesn’t want to be studied, it wants to be free. And although it may only be pocket sized, it has a giant appetite for mischief…

How did I get the book? Gifted review copy

Genre: Fantasy

Review: I was super excited about this book from the moment I found out about it, because DRAGONS! So being gifted a review copy was perfect.

However there is a downside to The Secret Dragon… it does not come with your own pocket dragon. I foresee a problem with this, especially as I believe readers will fall in love with Pterodraco jonathani (Gweeb for short) on mass.

In this book readers will recognise familiar themes of friendship, trust, family secrets and believing in yourself. The dragon is magical, thus lifting an engaging story to an adventure that keeps you turning the pages.

When it comes to dragons (and unicorns) I do have sparkly glasses (they are better than rose-tinted), but for this book they weren’t needed. Mari is standalone character with plenty of depth left to explore. I hope that in future books other characters have the opportunity to shine like Mari.

There are some heartwarming moments in The Secret Dragon, as well as thrills and danger. For me (and I will take a guess here- a lot of readers) the dragon stole the show.

Expected publication: 30th May 2019 by Puffin

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