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Chapter 29:

Taking a step back and leaving my emotional self on the other side of the room (she still wants to rage about things) – this is a really good chapter.

Zhi works through things and as the reader you get a front seat. One of the things that Zoë Marriott has done in this book is shown how subtle and manipulative an abuse of power relationship can be. Zhi realises how they got manipulated by-

Wu Jiang. The conversation at the beginning of the chapter shows how Wu Jiang has no awareness of his own actions, because;

  • He’s living his romantic fantasy
  • He’s entitled (male, powerful, rich)
  • Zhi has no value in his world, except the value he assigns them

Wu Jiang is so oblivious to his actions its almost comical. It isn’t though. This is a fictional version of real life, and it replays over and over and over.

Take the fantasy element away and Zhi is trapped in a story with a boss who is using his power to help him “win” over Zhi. Regardless of how Zhi fells about this.

It is good to see this in fiction, especially YA fiction because this relationship is not shown as healthy. Wu Jiang “the fantasy hero” is toxic.


#TheHandTheEyeandtheHeart #ThTEandTH #ThTEandTHLiveReadalong #ThTEandTHReadalong

Zhilan was assigned female at birth; despite an unusual gift for illusions, they know they will live out their life in the perfumed confines of the women’s quarters. But when civil war sets the country aflame, Zhilan is the only one who can save their disabled Father from death on the battlefield.

By taking his place.

Surviving brutal army training as a male recruit – Zhi – is only the first challenge. Soon Zhi’s unique talents draw them into an even more perilous fight, in the glittering court of the Land of Dragons, where love and betrayal are two sides of the same smile. The fate of an Empire rests on Zhi’s shoulders. But to win, they must first decide where their loyalty, and their heart, truly belongs.

Publishes: 4th April 2019 by Walker Books

Note: This is not a “live” reading of the book. The reactions and notes were taken at the time of reading so are “live” in that sense.

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