Instagram Update: Kat Wolfe Takes the Case is the second book in #LaurenStJohn’s Wolfe & Lamb series, and is illustrated by #DanielDeamo #KatWolfeTakestheCase by  @LaureStJohn • Published April 4th by @macmillankidsuk When surprise #bookpost is a #book in a series you already have it’s awesome! 😊 “Join brave #KatWolfe and her animal sidekicks in this second mysterious adventure filled with friendship, freedom and a fierce wild cat! When a landslide on the Jurassic Coast reveals a rare ‘dragon’ dinosaur, best friends Kat Wolfe and Harper Lamb are thrilled, especially when stars and scientists come flocking to sleepy Bluebell Bay. But after they begin investigating a suspicious death, events spiral quickly out of control for detectives Wolfe and Lamb. Worse still, Kat’s wild cat is in trouble. Can they solve the mystery – and save the cat’s life – before it’s too late?” #wolfeandlamb #wolfeandlambinvestigates #mgfiction #bookpost #bookblogger #books📚 #freebie

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