Good Boy by Mal Peet

Sandie has been battling it since childhood: the hulking, snarling black dog of her nightmares. For years, her precious pet dog Rabbie has kept the monster at bay, but when he is no longer there to protect her, the black dog reappears to stalk Sandie in her sleep …

Illuminating the undeniable power of Mal Peet’s pared-back prose, Good Boy is an evocative examination of fear and anxiety that will leave you guessing long after its final page.

How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Contemporary

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Review: Good Boy begins with the nightmare that haunts Sandie. Those beginning pages are haunting, both with Mal Peet’s writing and Emma Shoard’s artwork. It’s a very impactful start.

The rest of the book tells Sandie’s story from childhood to adulthood. The black black dog is with her throughout, kept at bay by her pet but never truly gone.

The language in this story is so effective. It is only short but Good Boy definitely leaves a lasting impression.

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