Mr Godley’s Phantom by Mal Peet

A haunting masterpiece from storyteller Mal Peet.

Part ghost story, part detective novel and part something else entirely, Mr Godley’s Phantom is something of an enigma, with its own distinctive fifties flavour of cigarettes, petrol and mystery.

How did I get the book? StorytellerInc Book Club

Genre: Historical Fiction

Previously reviewed: An Exploded Diagram 

Review: Unsurprisingly is a beautifully written book. The Editor Note says this is published without revision or edits, just as Mal Peet wrote them.

Mr Godley’s Phantom is unusual. It doesn’t fit into a single genre and while I would class it as an Adult read it is also found in YA. There are ghosts (actual as well as metaphorical); there is mystery, friendship and the murder. The story is divided, broken even, between the characters and the action.

It’s a book that almost instantly solves the biggest mystery but at the same time leaves the reader with endless questions.

I like how I want to talk about this book. I like how the writing engaged me so quickly. I like how Mr Godley’s Phantom will stay with me.

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