Mary, Who Wrote Frankenstein by Linda Bailey & Júlia Sardà (Illustrations)

Mary loves stories, but the stories in her daydreams are far more thrilling than those in any book. After a troubled childhood, eighteen-year-old Mary runs away to Switzerland with the famous poet Percy Bysse Shelley, her step-sister in tow. One dark and stormy night at his house by the lake, they huddle around the fire, telling ghost stories. But Mary can imagine better than those! After learning about electricity that can make dead frogs twitch, she has a nightmare that triggers the birth of one of the greatest scary stories of all time: Frankenstein

The inspirational story of the great writer Mary Shelley, brought to life by multi-award winning author Linda Bailey and with stunning illustrations from Júlia Sardà.

How did I get the book? Received from Publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Picture Book / Children’s Book / Historical Fiction

Review: The illustrations by Júlia Sardà by are gorgeous. They bring Linda Bailey’s story alive. Each page is its own work of art and I could just gush over and over… over these stunning pages. The artwork has the perfect feel for the story. The colours are earthy, darker, creating the right atmosphere.

Mary, Who Wrote Frankenstein works brilliantly because the story is told so well. Without the illustrations I wouldn’t have loved it as much, but the story by itself is good. you find out how Mary came to write Frankenstein and by the end are intrigued to learn more.

It might technically be a ‘picture book’ but it’s both so beautiful and interesting that I think it would be enjoyed by all ages.

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