How do you research your books? by D. N. Carter – Outremer #BlogTour

Christian-born Paul Plantavalu and his beloved Alisha al Komaty, a Muslim, share an unbreakable bond and a deep love for one another. Religion, war and politics oppose them at every turn. But most deadly of all is the resolve of an evil enemy determined to destroy their family lines forever.

Paul and Alisha’s journey takes a political turn; they must question everything and learn who to fear and who to trust as they continue their battle to safeguard the future of mankind. In accepting the burden of this grace responsibility, they must make peace with the difficult path they have chosen. Paul will struggle to unlearn everything he has been raised to accept as true; reality is much more mysterious and nuanced. It will fall to him to defend a much greater treasure than his own life – one which the Magi themselves understood – for the benefit of future generations. In doing so, Paul will help others to unshackle themselves from the grip of a self-styled secret elite with the power to manipulate religions, governments and monarchies, harnessing wealth and control for themselves at the expense of the populous. But to succeed in this challenge Paul must face his own desires and his worst fears, and if destiny dictates, he may be called to sacrifice his own family, including Alisha.

The second novel in author and adventurer D. N. Carter’s epic four-part series, Outremer II: Revelation Cometh draws upon forty years of intensive historical research by its Indiana Jones-style creator. As the reader is swept up by the romantic adventure of Paul and Alisha and their dazzling romp through the High Middle Ages in search of Templar truths and treasure, they are also challenged by the author to solve a coded puzzle hidden within the pages of the four Outremer novels, which will lead to a real-life bounty at the conclusion of the series!

Title: Outremer II: Revelation Cometh
Author: D. N. Carter
Release Date: 4th September 2018
Genre: Historical
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

How do you research your books?
by D. N. Carter 

Outremer is based upon real people and genuine historical records of the events during the 12th Century, but by writing it as fiction I was able to let my imagination run free…whilst hopefully still keeping it real. I was able to indulge my own understanding of the period, but also incorporate so-called otherworldly facts that would have otherwise seemed utterly ridiculous, perhaps unbelievable and out of place, so my research for authenticity and accuracy had to be spot on so I learned as much as I could about ancient mysteries and the hidden codes that appeared obvious to me…and my frustration that others simply did not see them…those that did just did not care. I sought out ways that I would hopefully stimulate an interest in what I was seeing and learning, if only so others could check the validity and authenticity of my research. I wanted people to challenge what I thought I could see; that our past is not as we are taught. That it stretched further back into antiquity and that it is more curious and mysterious than most people dare to suppose.

Having a love of history and reading just about everything I could ever lay my hands upon regarding the Crusades, Grail romances, the mysteries of the Middle East and India etc, I was fortunately already pretty much deeply engrossed in the period. Double checking facts presented by different sources, such as Arabic chronicle versions set beside Latin versions that differed, caused some difficulty…as in establishing which ones were more historically accurate or exaggerated. I therefore sought several sources and other contributory evidence to establish a definitive account of an action or event. I even had to research swear words of the period because modern words appeared too out of place but I had to compromise when it came to using certain words; one example being ‘homosexual’ as this was not even used until centuries later. Locations such as Ireland, Scotland, Iraq, Turkey etc are all new names, so I had to insert these modern names in brackets the first few times I mentioned a location in its 12th century name so the reader knows where I am referring to.

I have always had an affinity to this period, especially the secret and mysterious Knights Templar, their clothing and equipment plus a deep fascination with ruins, mainly castles. At an early age I seriously questioned the real motives for the first Crusade with a deep sense there was far more than we are taught. Many questions would follow and now in my mid fifties I am still researching and as one question is answered, more arise. I feel the events that unfolded during the period of 1045 to 1194 were instrumental in shaping our world today. I believe the majority of people are simply not aware just how momentous the events of this period were, and will prove to be.

Back in 2005 I had the basics of the story behind Outremer; the main characters and facts I wished to convey. I penned a 175 page synopsis of the chapters and what each one should contain. Most of the research was in my head from years of studying so it was not a lengthy process to put together. I sat down in 2013 to start working upon the actual book, and more details came to light as I crossed referenced information, which in turn led to additional scenes and scenarios being added, but also new characters as the story began to develop in different directions. Consequently my idea of a single volume of 140,000 words turned into 1,247,000 words, and four separate major volumes.

I cover a lot of different subjects, both historical and spiritual. One clear fact I learned, is that all three of the main Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, carry within their respective Holy Books, a genuine and provable mathematical code…and they are the same codes. As the famous scientist Stephen Hawkins once said, “If God is real, he is maths”. I have also studied alternative philosophies to obscure virtually unknown ones from Tibet to India to the Russian Urals. But factual history begins to blur into myth and legend the further back I researched. Though Outremer is set within the 12th century, it actually goes much further back in time as revealed to Paul, the main character. From who and how the Giza pyramids in Egypt were built…but also why, to the origins and fate of the true Druids of antiquity.

Over the years as I researched I kept coming across so many conflicting stories and data; this was especially prevalent in regard to the Jesus character, the Bible and Quran. Real events that happened during the crusades were documented by respected scribes and secretaries of the period, but again, depending upon which source I checked, they gave different accounts as seen from their respective perspective. This meant I had to spend a great deal of time researching many obscure manuscripts to get a better and hopefully more accurate account. Again this was very evident at the Battle of Hattin in AD 1187 and the differing accounts of just exactly what happened after the capture of Latin forces. An example being Christian scholars stating that all 2,000 knights of the kingdom willingly knelt down and offered their heads to be cut off and all died in silence on the same day as they were defeated. The reality was that just fewer than 200 knights, along with their attendant foot soldiers, were taken to Damascus and beheaded rather than convert to Islam. All the remaining knights and soldiers were sold into slavery, ransomed, or simply released free.

Dealing with myths and legends proved the hardest to research and validate, and in some cases the actual facts will never be fully verified as the mists of time stretch too far back veiling the truth. Most people are aware of the King Arthur of Grail romance and myth, but the trail that leads back to him is a long and winding path with many different sources claiming many different things about the man himself, plus all the allegorical and esoteric codes and symbolism connected to him and his court of knights. How it is all linked to mathematical codes and identical symbolism within the Bile itself was a vast subject to research and then present. But it was mathematics and harmonics that I realised was the key to unlocking and understanding the more esoteric aspects of the stories so well known to us. Mathematics and harmonics are the only truly universal language that can be understood and interpreted by any developing civilisation as it advances. The ratio of Pi will always be the same, as will dimensions of our very planet, Moon and Sun…yet the ancients knew all of these details with incredible accuracy only recently rediscovered in the last 100 years. Myths and legends were used to carry these codes across time as deeply help beliefs guaranteed to be carried across time.

I wrote Outremer for many reasons, but the main one was, and is, my desire to share and impart those mathematical and harmonic codes and what appears to be highly advanced knowledge and technology from our distant past that is provable and irrefutable, yet suppressed or deliberately ignored by so-called main stream academia. However, writing about maths and harmonics immediately solicits a mild fear from most people and they will simply not even attempt to read such information. So I decided I would attempt to impart as much of the more obvious codes into a format that would grab the reader’s attention as it would be set within a story…but it had to be a story that would hold their interest and be powerful and emotional enough to make a lasting impression. What better way than to use stories that already capture people’s imagination, and have done for centuries.


D. N. Carter has enjoyed a lifelong love affair with archeology, cartography and the history, myths and legends of the Middle Ages.  He has travelled extensively across Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula and the Languedoc region of France, which has long been associated with the Templar Knights and grail quest mythology.  While not decoding maps and mathematical codes, D. N. Carter enjoys adventure sports and spending time with his family between East Anglia and the South of France.


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