Dis_Ability by Munir Zamir

An  exploration  of  disability,  its  social  perception  and  lived  experience,  from  a  poetic  and  personal  perspective

I  was  born  different.

I  wouldn’t  want  it  any  other  way.

Dis_ability  is  an  influential  and  forceful  collection  of  poems  highlighting  the  need  for  genuine  social  and  ethical  change  in  order  for  differences  to  be  understood  as  something  to  be  championed  and  not  feared.

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Author Information

Munir Zamir is a creative writer, Poet and Spoken Word Artist based in London. He has spent the past decade and more tackling issues related to countering ideological extremism and prejudice, having personal experience of both issues. Munir spends his working hours contributing to the ongoing struggle to challenge and overcome those narratives that seek to exploit vulnerable groups in society through arguments built on intentional concepts and ideas of hate and prejudice. A pioneer in the counter-extremism space, Munir has often ploughed a lone furrow, at times locking horns and at other times trying to assist Governments around the world, policy makers, practitioners and alike, with the sole aim of trying to safeguard vulnerable young people and those at risk of being radicalised.


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