Listography: One List a Day: A Three-Year Journal by Lisa Nola

A winning combination of two of our bestselling series, Listography and One Line a Day, this journal invites users to write one short list a day. Each page features the date, one list topic, and space to jot down three things for three successive years. Easy to do and packed with engaging prompts covering a range of subjects (movies, music, travel, childhood memories, goals, and more), this illustrated journal serves as a delightful time capsule and bucket list in one.

How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Review: When this journal arrived on my doorstep to say I was delighted would probably be a little of an understatement. I adore lists, organising, check-boxing and planning. It probably (actually most definitely) drives the people around me a little nuts but for me a book like this is perfect.

Listography is even more ideal because it isn’t year specific. While you could be loyal and write in every single day if life gets in the way you can save it up for another time. It’s not a diary, it’s not longwinded. There are 3 slots under each topic so it’s quick to fill out. You have “things to do this month” on the 1st of whichever month/year you’re in and then have topics such as:

  • Random memories
  • Current Complaints
  • Random Thoughts Today
  • Best TV Shows This Year
  • etc.

For anyone who loves lists and randomness this is ideal.

Expected publication:
March 13th 2018 by Chronicle Books

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