Second Best Friend by Non Pratt

Jade and Becky are best friends, but when Jade’s ex-boyfriend lets on that everyone thinks Becky is the better of the two, Jade finds herself noticing just how often she comes second to her best friend. There’s nothing Jade is better at than Becky.

So when Jade is voted in as Party Leader ahead of her school’s General Election only to find herself standing against Becky, Jade sees it as a chance to prove herself. If there’s one thing she can win, it’s this election – even if it means losing her best friend.

How did I get the book? Received from Publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Contemporary / LGBTQIA

Previously reviewed: 

Review: Non Pratt continuously brings out books with spookily relatable characters. It’s people you either have in your life or you relate to on a personal level. With Second Best Friend I really felt like I understood Jade and I think there will be many other readers like me. Comparing yourself to others is almost automatic and when you compare yourself to your best friend(s) it’s tough not to let things get to you.

I really enjoyed reading Second Best Friend. As a novella it’s brilliantly executed, balancing character development and storytelling. Non Pratt never lets me down with her books.

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