Why I’m dumping my rating system.

It’s a new year and for many the first few days (weeks?) will be the time of resolutions for what’s to come. Personally, I’ve never been great on the resolution thing, but the new year is a good time to take stock of things.

2018 is when Luna’s Little Library will be 6 years old. That’s a long time to blog and at book reviews hoovering at around 800 book reviews I’ve gone through a few revamps. There have been some make-overs, I’ve changed the format once or twice and I don’t get the nerves about hitting that “publish” button.

Towards the end of last year, I was began thinking about the things I need and want to change for my book blog going forward and one of the them is the rating system.

I want it gone.

The score (i.e. stars) seem to matter more than the content of the review and while I adamantly maintain that 3-star rating is a good review there have been a few occasions I have been questioned as to why I only awarded 3-stars if I liked the book.

Maybe my 6-year milestone has made me cynical but in recent times I’ve felt like the pressure on reviews has increased for everyone. Authors need to collect star reviews on mass and if it’s under 4-stars it’s not worth a look. You need a catchy headline that should ideally include many variations of ‘amazing’. This is important – every book will have that audience! In readers and bloggers but we aren’t all the same so it’s impossible for any book to just be 4- & 5-stars.

I love swooning over books I love and I’ll happily recommend books that I liked but by attaching a rating it appears that what I say is lost under someone else’s idea of how they rate something themselves. Just like we all have our own impressions while reading I think a lot of us build star-ratings into our own idea of what they should be. 4-stars might be amazing for one person but another it’s just really good.

If there are no ratings on my blog you can only take away the content of the review. This should (hopefully) provide enough details for you to form an opinion on whether the book is for you.


Don’t ask about Goodreads…
I don’t know about GR yet.

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