5 Quick Fire Questions with Danny Weston #ScarecrowBook

Jack and his dad are runaways. Jack’s father recently turned whistleblower, revealing the truth about the illicit dealings of some powerful people. Realising that he and Jack might be in danger, Dad drives them to a remote shooting lodge in the Scottish Highlands, where they intend to lay low.

In the cornfield beside the lodge stands a scarecrow. When Jack witnesses something incredible, he begins to realise that it is no ordinary scarecrow – it is alive, hungry and fuelled by rage. And when Dad’s enemies begin to converge on the lodge, the scarecrow might just turn out to be Jack’s best hope of survival.

5 Quick Fire Questions with Danny Weston

  1. Can you describe Scarecrow in five words?

Boy meets scarecrow – chaos ensues!

  1. What’s the best part about writing scary stories?

The fact that I can actually be paid to terrorise young readers!

  1. Do you believe in ghosts?

I’m afraid not – but they’re a great literary device.

  1. Have you ever met a ghost?

I had an unexplained occurrence in my teens – something which terrified me at the time – but have since decided it that it must have been my imagination working overtime!

  1. Have you got any plans to write more books?

I’m already hard at it! Watch this space…

Scarecrow is out now!


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