Perfect Ten by L. Philips

Who is Sam Raines’s Perfect Ten? 

It’s been two years since Sam broke up with the only other eligible gay guy in his high school, so to say he’s been going through a romantic drought is the understatement of the decade. But when Meg, his ex-Catholic-turned-Wiccan best friend, suggests performing a love spell, Sam is just desperate enough to try. He crafts a list of ten traits he wants in a boyfriend and burns it in a cemetery at midnight on Friday the 13th.

Enter three seemingly perfect guys, all in pursuit of Sam. There’s Gus, the suave French exchange student; Jamie, the sweet and shy artist; and Travis, the guitar-playing tattooed enigma. Even Sam’s ex-boyfriend Landon might want another chance.

But does a Perfect Ten even exist? Find out in this delectable coming-of-age romcom with just a touch of magic.

How did I get the book? I bought it.

Genre: Contemporary / LGBTQIA / Magical Realism

Review: This book is adorably cute. It is the story of a one guy’s search for his perfect unicorn (i.e. Perfect Ten) – hence the guy with the unicorn head on the cover. So if you want a book that’s sweet, fluffy with a dash of magic then this is the story for you.

Perfect Ten isn’t perfect as a book, the characters are could be more rounded and stereotyping does happen but there was so much I enjoyed about the story and  so much this book did well that I didn’t mind. For one thing Sam’s unicorn search ends up with him, some lovely guys, very overlapping timeless. It’s fine line and L. Philips manages to pull this off without short-changing on the heartbreak or making the reader lose faith in relationships and Sam.

There is a lot of character growth for Sam and you’re not quite sure if he’ll find his match, or if he’s ready to.

Recommend it?


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