Did you miss me? When healing time doesn’t equal reading time…

Today is my first day back at work after 6 weeks off and it’s going to be weird. There is no way around that – I’m pretty sure by the time I get home tonight (hours after this post goes up) I’ll be exhausted and my head will be spinning. The only option will be collapsing onto my sofa/bed and yet again books will be the furthest thing from my mind.

In the last 2+ months I’ve read exactly 1 book. A few graphic novels and stared at my TBR with longing and despair. There has also been ever growing frustration because

When I published the Aca-scuse me!”post to explain firstly what the hell Achalasia is and secondly advise how surgery meant I was going to be away from blogging for a few weeks I had a brilliant plan; with weeks of recovery ahead of me that meant hours of reading. Surely I’d be devouring books on mass? My to-be-read pile was going to be shrinking daily! I mean a book addict and hours of uninterrupted time where you’re actually told you need to rest. It’s the ideal.

Wise people (you know who you are) did urge caution. They told me that having a general anaesthetic doesn’t just knock you out that day. It stays, it lingers…. and people recover from it at different rates. And oh my  does it fog your brain up. Never mind the actual healing your body has to go through for the surgery.

Everything makes you tired. Lying down. Sitting up. Going up some stairs. Putting on socks. Holding a conversation that lasts longer than 3 sentences. Switching TV channels. Realising you’re watching TV –
The first time I had a shower I needed to go back to bed and sleep it off.

You are always napping or resting your eyes.

It took me over 3 weeks to manage to read a newspaper article without having to stop halfway through because my concentration ran out. After 5 weeks I ended up spring cleaning because dusting, or sorting through clothes/books doesn’t require concentration just patience and you can take as many breaks as you need.

Luna’s Little Library was supposed to return with a stockpile of reviews ready to go. I planned to share all these amazing books I’d read over my forced break, but it didn’t happen. Instead I return, much as I left – with a giant pile of books I hope to read soon.  Like every other book blogger.
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