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Melissa D. Savage’s first book, The Lost Pony, premiered in her second grade classroom, winning high praise from critics such as her mom. Although the book was hand written and self-illustrated in Crayola Crayons, it was this experience that began her love of writing and to this day she still believes was one of her best works. Melissa continued to create stories growing up, writing different adventures for friends to read and later completed a Master’s Degree in Writing for Children and Young Adults at Hamline University in Minnesota. She was privileged to be able to receive guidance from amazing authors, educators, and fellow writers who shared their wisdom, experience, and support. Since then, she has been recognized for her work at the San Francisco Writer’s Conference in both the Middle Grade and Young Adult Genres.

Melissa is a writer and a child and family therapist. She has worked with families struggling with issues of abuse, trauma and loss/bereavement. She believes that expressing oneself through writing can be a very healing process when struggling with difficulties in life.  In addition it can be a vehicle in which to honor, celebrate and continue to share the spirits of the special people who have left us too soon. Melissa lives in Minneapolis with her family. You can follow her on Twitter at @melissadsavage

Lemonade Liberty Witt’s
Guide of Delicious Things to Eat
By Melissa Savage, author of Bigfoot, Tobin & Me

I’ve made my very own Guide of Delicious Things to Eat just for you. And anyone who knows me knows that Twinkies are my most favorite snack of all time (it’s on the list and spoiler alert, it’s the greatest snack cake on Earth!). Me and my grandfather Charlie go to the A and P Grocery Story every Saturday all the way down in Blue Lake and he lets me get one box each week. There are ten Twinkies inside each box, so I must ration if I want them to last the whole week because Charlie says I don’t need more than one box. He says if I’m that hungry I can eat something else, like a banana or an apple. But he doesn’t seem to understand that neither bananas or apples aren’t near as tasty as a Twinkie. Anyway, I made a list of all the yummy treats I like best here in America even though I figure kids in other parts of the world have good things to eat there too. Here are some of my most favorite.


Saltwater Taffy: a really chewy toffee-like sweet that comes in all kinds of flavours that tastes both sweet and a little bit salty at the same time. It’s not really made with real seawater even though the name makes it seem like it.

Banana Flip: a banana flavoured sponge cake shaped in a circle, slathered with gobs of banana flavoured whipped cream and folded over in a half moon shape until the filling oozes out onto the plastic that’s wrapped around it.

Tater Tots: bite-sized grated potato balls fried and baked to crispy brown. In American we can find them already made in the freezer aisle of the supermarket and heat them in a tray in the oven. They’re best with hot dogs and a whole lot of ketchup.

Bear Claw: an ooey, gooey pastry filled with yummy almond paste and shaped like a bear’s toes! Or even a Bigfoot’s toes!

Tootsie Pop: a chewy chocolate-flavoured inside that’s kind of like a chocolate toffee with a lollipop wrapped around it. In American we like to count the licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll centre of a Tootsie Pop without biting into lollipop part before it’s all licked off.

Ding Dong: a chocolate glazed cake in the shape of a hockey puck that’s jammed full with creamy whipped filling.

Graham Cracker: Americans say it like ‘gram cracker’. It’s a square, sweet cracker made with honey and brown sugar. They’re best when you squish a sticky toasted marshmallow and half a chocolate bar in between two of them to make a s’more!

Ho Ho: a chocolate glazed cake roll with a spiral creamy whipped filling design inside that you can see when you take a big bite. A little like a Mini Roll in the UK.

Popsicle: an ice lolly in a million different flavours. If I actually had a popsicle stand, I would have mostly cherry and root beer because they’re my favourite! And maybe some lime for Tobin.

Egg Roll: a Chinese-American food similar to a spring roll. Mr Chin’s are especially yummy, fried to a glorious golden brown and filled with spiced meats, cabbage and bamboo shoots. If you make it all the way to San Francisco to try them, tell Mr Chin that Lemonade sent you!

Twinkies: The most mouth-watering light and airy sponge cake you’ve ever tasted in your life, filled to the brim with just the right amount of creamy whipped filling so that each bite has the perfect ratio of both cake and cream. Not to oversell it, but it’s the greatest snack cake on Earth!


Like I said, I bet you have really yummy treats where you are too. Maybe you could make your own list and share it with me. I’d like that a whole lot. But right now, all this talk about delicious things to eat has made me really hungry. It’s Twinkie time!

When life give you lemons, make lemonade.

Despite being named after her mum’s favourite saying, there isn’t much for Lemonade Witt to look forward to since her mother died – especially now she has moved to the wilds of Willow Creek.

Here, she meets an annoying boy called Tobin who, as head of Bigfoot Detectives Inc., is obsessed with finding the legendary beast. Reluctantly, she joins him in search of the elusive creature – but what they find instead is even better…


Bigfoot, Tobin & Me by Melissa Savage out now in paperback (£6.99, Chicken House)

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