Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

To be honest there was very few things I could think of that would instantly make me want a book. There are too many wonderful books out there. The list is more a mix of the things that make it very (HIGHLY) likely for me to pick up something in a bookshop.



Its dragons… does this need further explanation?

Own Voices & #WeNeedDiverseBooks

I wasn’t sure if I should split these but then thought they did belong together. Be it a story that has a character I can identify with or someone I can journey with, these books always get priority.

Fascinating Retellings

Admittedly this can go very wrong (erotic fiction is not my thing) but I adore re-imaginings, especially on fairy tales so tend to gravitate towards these.

[Insert trusted friend’s name] recommends…

There are a small group of people (I can count them on one hand) who have never steered me wrong. It’s great, also slightly annoying due to smugness – if they recommend a book I pick it up. No questions asked.

Certain Authors

It’s a bit like the insta-buy thing but there a handful of authors who I will drop everything for, Zoë Marriot for example. I really don’t care what she writes, I will read it.


I know you shouldn’t but some covers really do make me swoon…

It’s who you know…

So this is something that has only come in since blogging. Now that I know authors and publicist I will admit that this influences what I pick up. If I know and like the author I might choose their book first, and there are some publishers who I think have really great catalogues.

Blurbs & reading the first sentence

If the book / author is a blank canvas then blurbs do hold a lot of sway for me. Also if someone I know (author or blogger) is quoted. Plus I do tend to read the first couple of sentences to see if I like the writing.


In the UK a lot of books are published as paperback. Not a problem as they are usually pretty decent quality, especially when I compare them to some of the ones I’ve picked up in the US. However ever so often I’ve actually rejected interesting sounding books because I can’t stand the feel of them. The paper or finish on the cover, it’s so bad that I just don’t want to hold them. Or the print/font is unreadable which I know will give me a headache.

There’s something about it…

Do you sometimes look at a book and know you want it and none of your normal reasons apply? Or is that just me? Because I’ve walked out with books that don’t align with any of my previous points and still knew I had to get. Go figure.


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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want To Read A Book

  1. This is a great list! I had dragons on my TTT as well.
    I definitely agree about own voices and diverse books! Seeing that a book has an MC who isn’t white automatically bumps it up my TBR.
    I also agree that having interacted with an author online will encourage me to pick up their books faster. If an author is super friendly and genuine, that obviously makes me want to read and support their books!

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