Giant by Kate Scott

It’s hard to measure up in a family with high expectations. But it’s even harder when those people sometimes use you as an arm rest. And call you ‘Peanut’.

Anzo is 11 years old and very, very short. Mum, Dad and his two uncles are extremely tall but they’re also high achievers, obsessed with fulfilling their lifelong ambition of opening a restaurant together. Everyone has a role – chef, DIY, marketing, accounts – but where does Anzo fit in? If only he could grow a few inches in height, then no one would be able to overlook him. Josh would stop teasing Anzo in school, he wouldn’t have to play all seven dwarfs in the school play, and at home he could tell his parents about his drawing and the comic convention he’s been invited to.

Then, overnight, Anzo starts to grow. Is life as a giant going to solve all his problems, or should he stop worrying and learn to just be himself?

How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Genre: Contemporary

Review: Giant is one of those nice reads that takes you along on the journey, making you smile at the appropriate moments and when you reach the end you feel good about reading.

Anzo’s narration is engaging, plus he is a likeable character. Giant is a book about feeling like you don’t fit and then finding that you don’t have to change to fit. I thought that that message came across well. Admittedly I wasn’t the biggest fan of Anzo’s family, while as interesting characters I thought they were fun to read I found their tunnel vision irritating.

Elise (Anzo’s best friend) is brilliant. I think her character was my favourite. Completely appreciate the sticky-note organisation skills.

Giant was quite a quick read but I didn’t think the story needed anymore. The comic was a nice touch and I liked the plot.

Recommend it?


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