The Liar’s Handbook by Keren David

33786593River’s life is blown apart when his mum invites her new boyfriend into their home and their lives. River is instantly suspicious of Jason he seems fake, too good to be true.

At school, River’s routine fibs are escalating into something more serious, and his teacher gives him a notebook in the hope he can channel his fantasies into creative writing instead. And so, River begins The Liar’s Handbook, and an investigation into Jason.

But what he uncovers is a terrible deception involving his biological father, the police force and his mum’s environmental campaign group… but will anyone take his findings seriously?

How did I get the book? Received from publisher in exchange for an honest review

Genre: Contemporary

Review: River has his own interpretation of the truth. His “stories” have given him a certain status in school and, as he says he doesn’t actually hurt anyone. But when he ends up in trouble again even his mother has had enough.

The Liar’s Handbook is the notebook that River is given to write his ‘stories’ in but instead it becomes his investigative journal for finding out about his mum’s new boyfriend. River doesn’t like him, he’s too nice, tries too hard and what is hidden in his office?

River’s narration is engaging and he’s a likable character. River grows during the book, which made the relationship with mother (and new stepdad) change as well.

I don’t want to give anything away about the plot. There is a note at the end from the author which explains the inspiration. It was a news story I had heard of so I made the connection while reading the book.

Recommend it?


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